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Oxtale ad agency brings a growth-driven mindset to your branding strategy, content marketing, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising strategy.

As a leading Toronto ad agency, we are experts in media buying, creative content creation, data, and analytics, catering to small and large enterprises.

We help you hone in on your audience and develop a customized ad strategy that caters to your target customers.

Digital Billboard Ads
Digital Marketing

Why do you need paid advertising?

The digital landscape keeps growing by the day. And, almost everybody online is trying to figure out the best advertising avenues and conversion routes. While these create more marketing opportunities, they also come with bigger challenges.

Many businesses are still relatively invisible to their target audiences and barely making progress despite all these opportunities.

  • More people are using ad blockers.
  • Higher competition
  • Higher digital ad spend rates.

The common traditional avenues like websites and social media are no longer sufficient. You might find it harder to reach your audience organically and also face multiple ad regulations.

So, if you are one of those looking for an immediate practical solution with higher returns on investment, paid advertising is your guy! With this strategy, you can reach any desired audience and maintain control over your efforts.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Paid search is the fastest way to get your offering in front of the target audience. Plus, you have control over the reach, budget, etc.

Oxtale places data at the heart of our methodology to maximize your returns on investment. With that, we create impactful ad campaigns and experiences that move your business closer to achieving your objectives.

Our PPC service is more than just Adwords management. Instead, it covers all the different platforms, from paid social to paid search, whatever yields the best returns.

What Ads Do You Need?

Paid Search Marketing

Search advertising is the most common form of ad marketing. These ads typically appear to prospects looking for particular offerings online. When users input specific keywords, search engine providers like Adwords show them the relevant ads.

So, to set you up, we would create compelling ad copy with the relevant keywords and include calls to action and leads to the target landing page.

Paid search advertising is best suited for one-time campaigns or much shorter sales cycles. They also mostly target new customers.

Display Advertising

Display ads are mainly banner media ads that target a particular audience on various pages and platforms. It includes a direct link to your website. Whereas their click-through rates are not the highest, they are great for brand awareness..

Return on investment is also high since you can have it on a pay-per-click basis.

Paid search advertising is best suited for one-time campaigns or much shorter sales cycles. They also mostly target new customers.

Social Media Ads

Social media platforms enjoy the highest usage among your potential audience. So advertising on these platforms can significantly help you drive more traffic and conversions on your pages. The large audiences can also boost your brand awareness, while advanced targeting tools help you reach only your ideal customers.

Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting remains one of the best ways to reach your customers and increase conversions. These ads target people who have already visited your pages and expressed interest in buying.

Unlike other methods, retargeting has proven more effective as it builds on previous communications. Plus, they work as part of search ads, social media ads, display ads, etc.

How Can We Help?

PPC Strategy and Implementation

We research your industry, business, and competitors to determine the best approach for you. We then work towards executing that approach most effectively and efficiently.

Define Keywords

Our teams will help you identify the most appropriate keywords for targeting to avoid wasting ad spend. They use the best tools on the market to get you the best solutions.

Creating Ad Copy

The right content drives traffic effortlessly. We ensure your ads speak to your target audience with the right keywords, visual media, and appropriate calls to action.

Tracking And Optimisation

You need the right data to create and run effective ads. So, we set you up with the best tracking tools with all you need to optimize your campaigns.

Using this data, we also constantly refine your campaign to cater to each detail, maximizing performance.

A Toronto based, digital advertising agency

Why Oxtale?

In over 10 years as a Toronto ad agency, we have helped hundreds of businesses to grow and scale into household names in Canada. Our focus on Advertising and over $40million in managed ad spend has better positioned us to achieve at all levels.

Why not let our experience work for you?

We are a growth-minded team, motivated to replicate our success for you with data-driven strategies.

Our Toronto base places us in the best position to learn from the top fast-paced startups in the region. We can quickly adopt new technologies and strategies. And that way, we easily achieve higher productivity and modern experience.

Our Approach

We take a talent-first approach to our performance strategies. Our skilled and experienced experts work closely with your brand to secure your advertising investments.

To achieve the best results, we conduct regular testing of all ad elements. We then analyze them against your set goals and Key Performance Indicators to maximize returns.

Oxtale stays ahead of the latest marketing trends platforms. That way, we prioritize innovation and stay ahead of the pack, all while maintaining authenticity.

What Makes Us Different?


We are one of the top Toronto ad agencies, with over 10 years of experience, $40 million in managed ad spend, and over 6.6 billion impressions recorded.

We are data-focused

Data is the lifeblood of our strategies. We test and measure everything from content to landing page results and ad performance rates, among others. That is how we can provide unique and informed insights to your campaigns.

We are growth-focused

At Oxtale, we like to grow things. Our growth-based advertising tactics ensure that your business can scale and achieve maximum returns on investment at every stage.

Client collaboration

We don't simply impose our ideas. Instead, our teams work closely with clients at every stage to stay in sync on key messages and branding. With your input, we can design the most appropriate approaches to get to your clients.

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