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Facebook Ad Agency

Facebook’s advanced social media advertising capabilities make it a crucial part of your online growth strategy. The Facebook ad features allow you to target and communicate to your audience efficiently through accurate segmentation plus tracking your data and results.

This is why we place it front and center of our advertising offerings to help you get the most out of your media platforms.

Why Do You Need Facebook?

2.7+ billion users worldwide, 27 million in Canada

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in Canada and globally. This means it has a large customer base to target and reach with your communications. It also creates the right conditions to reach international markets.

Advanced Targeting System

One of Facebook’s best characteristics is its segmentation and targeting characteristics. The tool enables you to place your message right in front of specific audiences most likely to take action. That way, your advertising is more effective than on other platforms like Google.


Facebook ads can help you with broader marketing goals. You get to choose specific objectives to meet, like generating traffic, leads, app downloads, sales, etc.

Plus, measuring your progress is relatively easy since analytics data is readily available. You can see conversion rates and other results, which then help you shape your strategies and tactics.

Why Do You Need Facebook Ads Management?

With almost 3 billion users globally, Facebook is easily the best platform to reach the largest amount of people in the shortest time. The majority of users are between 18 to 34 years, many earning over 100k per year. In Canada, usage is expected to grow to over 36 million by 2026.

So, it only makes sense to create and drive an advertising strategy through Facebook. You have the chance to grab the audience’s attention and show them the value of your offering.

However, over the years, the platform has greatly reduced organic reach. As such, they get to make over $20billion per year on ad revenue. Without the boost, most of your audience will most likely not see your posts.

So, you'll need a paid advertising strategy and budget. Our Toronto Facebook Ad agency can help you with that.

Our Facebook Ads Process

With Oxtale, you no longer have to run your Facebook ads in the dark. We help you research, identify and define your target audiences. These audiences greatly differ, according to gender, age, interests, among others.

After this process, we'll create the Facebook ads strategy that appeals to that ideal audience. However, it is not always straightforward. Online audiences are generally in an information overload era. Your business will need compelling media to attain and retain customer attention.

To do this, find out what piques their interest. How do they want to be spoken to? When you establish these factors, then figure out how to get them to click through to your landing pages.

Also, the landing pages must appeal to them. Otherwise, not even the best marketing in the world would help increase your conversions. It includes having consistent messaging in all forms and compelling calls to action like signup forms, call buttons, downloadable files, etc.

Setting Up Facebook Business Pages

On top of ads, creating Facebook pages will help your audience find and engage with you much easier. The process is relatively simple, but if you need any help, our team is happy to help you out.

With Facebook pages, key elements you might want to consider include eye-catching header images or videos, plus maintaining a consistent brand image.

Types of Facebook Ads

Effective clickable ads require suitable formats. Yet, they must also tie in with your objectives. Facebook offers multiple types like:

Image ads

These are the most used and most effective on Facebook advertising. They are great for creating quick and easy ads, even on low budgets. In ads manager, you can quickly create one as a "boosted post." But for more targeting options, you can do so directly in Ads manager.

Get Started With a Facebook Ad Agency

Oxtale skillfully handles your Facebook advertising campaigns by helping you to manage:

Landing pages

Your Facebook ads should lead to landing pages where your audience can get further information or receive what they signed up for. Our agency can help you to design attractive and actionable pages for your campaigns before you even set them up.

Define your audience

To get the best results from your ad campaigns, you must identify and define your ideal audience. So, our team will help your do establish the right audience to work with based on your set marketing goals.

Visual Ads

You won't have to worry about creating ad content. Oxtale’s experts will help you design attractive images, write appropriate texts that suit your brand, and speak to your audience. In so doing, we also ensure all your content is mobile-friendly.

Delivering your Media Plan

Our team starts by creating a custom plan for your advertising activities based on your goals and objectives. They adhere to your brand guidelines and consider your target audience's interests and characteristics.

Setting up Facebook pixel

The Facebook pixel generally shows the behavior of your visitors coming from Facebook. It works as a tracking code you create in your business manager and add to your website.

The pixel helps you guage the effectiveness of your Facebook ads. For instance, if your objective was to increase content downloads on your site, it shows you how many of these happened among Facebook visitors. You can also tell which particular ads drove these sales.

Monitoring and Optimizing

Our team further conducts regular monitoring and campaign optimization to make necessary changes. These yield weekly reports that are useful for recommendations and improvements.

Connect with our Toronto Facebook ad agency, and let's help your business grow!

Why Oxtale?

We are a top Toronto Facebook ad agency that focuses on key media buying to help you grow your business online. We help our clients drive more traffic, gain product and app downloads, and increase sales.

Our proven approach to Facebook ads makes all the difference. We are committed to helping your business grow by giving you unique strategy and execution in your Facebook ads.

Over the past few years, Facebook has become an effective, powerful marketing platform for most businesses, small and large. Oxtale can now help you create, manage and monitor your Facebook ads. You know who you want to reach, and we’ll help you deliver those ads to them.

Unsure of how to find them? We can help you set up quickly, using proven techniques like pixel installments, keyword research, among others.

How Much Will Facebook Ads Cost?

Typically, your Facebook ads will cost you anywhere between $0.5 -$3.5 in cost per click in Canada, depending on multiple factors. With Oxtale, we can help you maximize returns on your high ad spend, so you don't waste a dollar and get all the traffic you need.

Facebook ads are still way cheaper than many other ad platforms and offer good value for money. So, they are certainly worth the investment.

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